Can Liners and Trash Bags

Ideal for Kitchen, commercial facilities and offices.

Available in Low Density, High Density, Eco-Friendly and Compostable materials.

Various options to choose from.

Low Density Trash Bags

Ideal for applications which require sharp objects and strength for a variety of uses such as foodservice, cleaning programs and more.

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High Density Trash Bags

Ideal for applications where soft objects are used. They are the preferred choice for offices, kitchens, lunchrooms etc.

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Eco-friendly Trash Bags

Made out of certain percentage of recycled plastic, these bags help in progressing environmental objectives. Available in both low density and high density options.

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Compostable Trash Bags

Made out of environmental friendly materials, these bags allow for the best transition towards progressing climate change efforts. Ideal for use in offices, kitchens, lunchroom and a lot of other areas.

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Medical Waste Use Trash Bags

Medical Waste Use Trash Bags are best for soiled, hazardous materials which require strict standards for disposing. Ideal for facilities handling such substances, hospitals and more.

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Contractor Trash Bags

Ideal for site cleanup and construction activities, these bags have a very high thickness allowing them to be best for such tasks. 

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