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Layflat Poly Bags

When it comes to practicality and flexibility in packaging, layflat poly bags stand out as a versatile option. These can be used in a wide variety of industries for storage solutions, protecting products, streamlining shipping, promotional events, artistic applications and related uses.

Reclosable Poly Bags

These bags are the best solution for sealing freshness and maintaining convenience. Ideal for food industry for food storage and preparation, retail and e-commerce for packaging small items, protecting school and office supplies, packaging art supplies, stationary and printing materials and more.

Gusseted Poly Bags

Gusseted Poly Bags, featuring expandable sides or pleats, offer various uses for diverse industries. They can be used for packaging food products, apparel, retail merchandise, accommodating irregular shapes while maintaining freshness. They also combine functionality with appealing design.

Polypropylene Bags

These bags set the standard for transparent packaging through high-clarity polypropylene materials which offer pristine view of contents and strength. Ideal for food packaging, stationary and print items and apparel which require clarity and presentation of goods.

Poly Tubing

Poly Tubing is ideal for creating custom sized bags where variable lengths are important. Ideal to protect products of various categories such as from delicate artwork to industrial components, poly tubing provides a customized answer for packaging requirements and reduces waste.

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About Poly Bag Products

Poly bags are versatile packaging solutions designed to meet a wide array of needs in various industries. From Layflat Poly Bags to Reclosable Poly Bags, Gusseted Poly Bags, Polypropylene Bags, and Poly Tubing, each type serves a unique purpose, providing efficient storage and protection for a range of items.

Layflat Poly Bags:

Layflat Poly Bags offer a flexible and straightforward packaging option. They are ideal for items of varying shapes and sizes, providing a reliable way to store and protect goods.

Reclosable Poly Bags:

Reclosable Poly Bags feature a resealable closure mechanism, making them perfect for items that need to be accessed multiple times while maintaining freshness and protection.

Gusseted Poly Bags:

Gusseted Poly Bags are expandable, accommodating bulkier items or products that require more space. Their versatility ensures that even uniquely shaped items can be packaged securely.

Polypropylene Bags:

Polypropylene Bags combine clarity and durability, making them suitable for displaying products while safeguarding them from moisture and environmental factors.

Poly Tubing:

Poly Tubing allows for customized bag creation, allowing you to tailor the length according to your needs. It's an excellent solution for packaging items of varying lengths or dimensions.

At Ampack, we offer more than just products. We are committed to your convenience and satisfaction. Benefit from our efficient 1-2 business day shipping, ensuring your packaging needs are met promptly. Additionally, enjoy discounted prices on bulk orders, allowing you to save while ensuring quality solutions. For those seeking options beyond our catalog, we collaborate with vendors to source non-catalog items, ensuring you find precisely what you need for your unique requirements.

Poly bags are versatile tools suitable for a range of applications:

Retail: Poly bags are commonly used in retail environments for packaging products securely and attractively.

Industrial: Industries rely on poly bags to protect items during transportation, storage, and manufacturing processes.

Food and Hospitality: Poly bags are essential for food storage, protecting perishable items from contamination and extending shelf life.

Shipping and Logistics: Poly bags offer a cost-effective way to package and ship various items securely.

Agriculture: Poly bags are used for packaging seeds, fertilizers, and other agricultural products.

Our wide selection of poly bags, coupled with our commitment to service excellence, ensures that you find the perfect packaging solution tailored to your specific needs.

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