Layflat Open End Poly Bags (Polyethylene)

Ideal for packaging products and protecting them from dust and finger prints. 

Available in various thicknesses from 1 Mil to 6 Mil in 100% virgin low-density polyethylene resin in clear and suffocation warning print.

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1 Mil Layflat Open End Clear Poly Bags

Ideal for light weight items that are not sharp and good to protect items from dust, dirt and fingerprints. These bags are heat sealable. 

1.5 Mil Layflat Open End Clear Poly Bags

Ideal for light weight items that are not sharp. Best for use case where better protection than 1 mil bags is needed and good for protection against dust, dirt and fingerprints. They are resealable.

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2 Mil Layflat Open End Clear Poly Bags

Ideally used for packing food, medicine supplies, clothing and lightweight products which need protection from dirt and dust. They are resealed to prevent product falling out during transit.

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3 Mil Layflat Open End 

Clear Poly Bags

Ideal for better protection than the 2 mil bags where food, medicine supplies, clothing and light industrial hardware and tools are involved. Resealable on the open end to avoid breaking during transit.

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4 Mil Layflat Open End Clear Poly Bags

Ideal for heavy protection of industrial hardware and tools which are heavy and a bit sharp to give product protection and avoid issues during transit.

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6 Mil Layflat Open End Clear Poly Bags

6 Mil bags are ideal for industrial equipment and sharp nature of items which require puncture resistance and can be resealed.

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Layflat Suffocation Bags (Polyethylene)

These layflat suffocation bags are ideal for packing products where a warning message for plastic suffocation is essential to display on product. 

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Poly Bags sealers, Twist ties and Tape closures

These include items like Twist-Ties and Heat Sealers to enable you to pack poly bags to avoid product breaking during transit.

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Layflat open end Poly Bags 

Clear and with suffocation warning 

Poly plastic bags are great for packaging products and protecting them from dust and finger prints. 

Poly bags are made of 100% virgin Low-density polyethylene resin (LDPE) . 

We offer poly bags are in thickness varying from 0.75Mil upto 8Mil. 

Bags with lesser thickness are most suitable for light jobs.  

We offer Layflat open end clear poly bags and printed with Suffocation warning in 3 languages.  

 "Lay Flat" means that the sides of the bag do not expand more than what is natural for the plastic.

    Material: Polyethylene    -Style: Layflat Open end      -Thickness 1 and 2mil      -Clear -suffocation warning printed in 3 languages


 Sizes with 1Mil thickness 

Packing& Wt/Case



1000Pcs  7.00Lbs

$ 42.00


1000Pcs  9.00Lbs

$ 59.00


1000Pcs  13.00Lbs

$ 84.00


1000Pcs  26.00Lbs

$ 166.00


 Sizes with 2Mil thickness 

Packing& Wt/Case



1000Pcs  7.00Lbs

$ 33.00


1000Pcs  11.00Lbs

$ 49.00


1000Pcs  14.00Lbs

$ 66.00


1000Pcs  20.00Lbs

$ 92.00


1000Pcs  21.00Lbs

$ 95.00


1000Pcs  29.00Lbs

$ 133.00


1000Pcs  37.00Lbs

$ 172.00


500Pcs  29.00Lbs

$ 151.00


500Pcs  36.00Lbs

$ 159.00


500Pcs  35.00Lbs

$ 162.00