Reclosable Ziptop Clear Poly Bags

Reclosable Clear Ziptop Poly Bags

Choose from a variety of sizes and styles from 2 mil to 6 mil for industrial packaging, foodservice needs and more

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About Reclosable Ziptop Poly Bags

Poly ZipTop bags are made of 100% virgin low-density Polyethylene. They are great for packaging products and protecting them with the secure zip.

The bags are easily openable and reclosable, and the contents inside are safe and secure.

 'ZipTop" means that the top of the bag locks in a zipper style after packing contents inside the bag. 

Ziptop mechanism allows for secure locking of contents, protection from outside dirt, durst, moisture and finger prints and gives ease of opening and closing.

Available in various thicknesses from 2 Mil to 6 Mil.

Protect and Package your food items with FDA approved Foodservice Bags

Get the bags with triple system seal to make your next food storage, cooking and parties seamless while adding the necessary strength for school's art activities.

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