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Twisted Handle Kraft Paper Bags

These bags are made from sustainable kraft paper and are a popular choice for retail and gifting packaging. With a level of versatility and sophistication, these bags are ideal for restaurants, boutiques and cafes looking to make a lasting impression, offer style and reduce their environmental footprint in their packaging. 

Self Opening Style (SOS) Grocery Bags

A well-known and eco-friendly solution to plastic bags, these bags are commonly used in hardware stores, restaurants, grocery stores, retail outlets. Featuring square and V-bottom mechanisms, they are ideal to package a wide variety of items reliably.

Paper Liquor Bottle Bags

A preferred choice for transporting wine, spirits and other liquors. Their sturdy constructions ensures safe handling of glass bottles while their elegant look adds a touch of luxury. Best for any type of business selling liquor bottles looking for functionality and aesthetics combined with affordability and convenience.

Plastic Carryout and Retail Bags

T-Shirt type bags and retail plastic bags are widely used for convenience and strength. These bags are seen in grocery stores, convenience stores and retail locations. Quickly package your items such as books, apparel etc for a few cents per package.

Reusable Grocery and Shopping Bags

A sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to single-use plastic, these bags are made from non-woven polypropylene which is robust and lightweight to carry. Ideal for daily use and offered by supermarkets, retail stores etc. 

Wine and Liquor Bags (Specialty Bags)

These bags are uniquely designed to safely and stylishly offer fine wine and liquor mobility. Add a touch of sophistication to your retail operation from wine stores to supermarkets and mini-marts and offer convenience and style.

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Add a touch of luxury to your bottle gifting

Choose from various designs to offer a sophisticated experience of bottle gifting to your guests

Versatile Poly Bags. Ideal for Food, Retail and Industrial Packaging

Wide range of Poly Bags from open ended, reclosable and gusseted to poly tubing available in different sizes for secure sealing. 

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About Takeout and Retail Bag Products

At Ampack, we offer a diverse range of packaging solutions to meet your unique needs. Our Twisted Handle Bags, crafted from sustainable kraft paper, bring versatility and sophistication to retail and gifting packaging, making them ideal for businesses aiming to make a memorable impression while reducing their environmental impact.

For dependable and eco-friendly alternatives to plastic bags, our SOS Self Opening Style Grocery Bags are widely embraced by hardware stores, restaurants, grocery stores, and retail outlets, offering square and V-bottom options for various items. For the safe transport of wine and spirits, our Paper Liquor Bags provide both durability and elegance, making them perfect for businesses seeking functionality and aesthetics combined with affordability and convenience. We also offer Plastic Carryout and Retail Bags, such as T-Shirt type bags, for convenience and strength, perfect for grocery stores, convenience stores, and retail locations, and they come at a cost-effective price point. In line with sustainability, our Reusable Grocery and Shopping Bags, made from robust non-woven polypropylene, provide a sustainable option to single-use plastic, catering to daily use and offered by supermarkets and retail stores. 

For specialty needs, our Wine and Liquor Bags are designed to offer mobility and style for fine wines and liquors, adding sophistication to your retail operation.

But our commitment doesn't stop at products; we're committed to your convenience and satisfaction. Enjoy 2-3 business day shipping for your orders. Additionally, for those seeking bulk orders, our high Volume Discount program ensures competitive prices, allowing you to save while ensuring quality solutions.

Choose Ampack for your packaging needs, and experience a wide selection of bags coupled with our commitment to service excellence, ensuring you find the perfect packaging solution tailored to your specific requirements

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