Aluminum foil 7" Round containers- Sold by Ampack
Aluminum Foil Container 7" Round - 500Pcs/case Sold by Ampack
Aluminum Foil Container 7" Round - 500Pcs/case Sold by Ampack

7 Inch Round Aluminum Foil Container - 500Pcs

SKU: 71-AFC7R-500

Item Details

  • Best for packaging and takeout of hot meals, and barbeque items. They can also be used for cold salads and other small snacks and more.
  • Excellent in transmitting heat to ensure smooth baking and heating
  • Can fit both dome and flat lids allowing for leak-proof transport 
  • designed to conveniently stack which saves you shelf space, and are easily recyclable
Shipping and Delivery
This item ships within 3-4 Business days
Price:  $42.00  / Case
Price:  $42.00  / Case

Product Information
Product Specifications
These 7" round aluminum pans made of superior quality aluminum foil come with excellent heat conductivity which leads to easiness in baking, heating, and keeping the meal warm.  In addition, they can be used for food storage and takeout and can also be used for multiple occasions such as meal planning, catering, and foodservice service-related needs, cooking by households, meals for schools, etc.

Furthermore, they are helping you reduce your carbon footprint. 

capacity: 22 Oz.
case pack: 500 Pcs
case weight: 15 Lbs
color: Silver
diameter: 7 Inch
material: Aluminum foil
product dimensions: ( Dia x H) 7" x 1.75"
shape: Round

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