Champagne Stopper Nickel Plated 'Super-Seal' Ampack
Champagne Stopper Nickel Plated 'Super-Seal' Ampack

Champagne Stopper Nickel Plated 'Super-Seal'


Item Details

The Super-Seal Champagne Stopper is NIckel plated, safe and reliable, sturdy and wear-resistant, not easy to break or deform, and the surface of the stopper is smooth, exquisite, and beautiful.

These champagne bottle stoppers will let you enjoy the freshness of drink for much longer

  • Insert 1/2 inch into the champagne bottleneck.
  • A special internal appendage inside the rubber seal helps to disperse carbonation evenly. 
  • Keeps effervescence alive for days.
  • These bottle stoppers are easy to use and care for, just insert the stopper gently into the bottleneck, and gently pull out the stopper when you want to serve your Champagne. 
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    This item ships within 2-3 Business days
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    Price:  $4.50  / Card
    Price:  $4.50  / Card

    Minimun Order Quantity: 6

    Product Information
    Product Specifications
    These stoppers are perfect to serve and preserve your Champagne at wedding parties, events, and more.
      Item: 34-2250
      Size:  2-1/4" high with 1/1/4" dia

      1 PC on a Card
      case pack: One card
      case weight: 5.5 Oz
      color: Nickel plated
      diameter: 1-1/4"
      product dimensions: 2-1/4" high
      shape: Round

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