Kraft Paper Bag with Twisted Handles-Two liquor Bottles- 250Pcs Ampack

Kraft Paper Bag with Twisted Handles-Two liquor Bottles- 250Pcs


Item Details

  • Elevate your liquor store takeout experience with our range of Kraft Paper Liquor Bottle Bags.
  • Reinforced Twisted Handles are in matching colors, durable, and glued together with high-quality glue which provides extra strength.
  • 2 Bottle Twisted Handle Bag ideal for holding two bottles upto 1.5L in size. 
  • Made of Heavy Weight Kraft Paper in a light brown color. Basis Weight: 60#. Features square bottom which is perfectly sealed to ensure contents are stable.
  • The paper weight and thickness have been calculated for the capacity they can hold. 
  • These paper bags have been professionally tested. They are Biodegradable, Lightweight, Sturdy, Eco-Friendly, Reusable and Disposable.


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Price:  $58.00  / Case
Price:  $58.00  / Case

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Product Information
Product Specifications

Transform your liquor store takeout experience or restaurant service with our versatile 2 Bottle Twisted Handle Bags. Ideal for two wine bottles up to 1.5L, these bags are not just limited to liquor; they are perfect for carrying small items like sauces or packing multiple items. These bags can be easily used multiple times. The reinforced twisted handles are securely glued together, ensuring reliable and comfortable handling. With a square bottom that provides stability, and practicality for your liquor store.

Note: Price in listing is per case.
Country of Manufacture: India.


basis weight: 60 Basis Weight
capacity: Two Liquor Bottles upto 1.5L
case pack: 250Pcs
case weight: 22.00 lb
color: Brown
features: Recyclable, Lightweight, Disposable, Reusable, Sturdy
handle: Twisted handles
material: Kraft paper
product dimensions: W: 6.75 inches, D: 3.75 inches, H: 13.25 inches
shape: Rectangle
style: Box bottom

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