Oblique Waiter’s Corkscrew Ampack
Oblique Waiter’s Corkscrew Burgundy Ampack
Oblique Waiter’s Corkscrew White Ampack
Oblique Waiter’s Corkscrew Black Ampack
Oblique Waiter’s Corkscrew Ampack

Oblique Waiter’s Corkscrew


Item Details

The angle of the spiral 13 degrees makes a world of difference. The spiral goes into the cork at an oblique angle. The curved handle positions itself to equally divide the extracting force over a vertical/horizontal axis thus resulting in a "circular pull"

    • Curved handle
    • 5-3/8 inches long
    • Non-stick spiral
    • Printed box with hanger tab 
    • Item#2005
    • Colors: Black, Burgundy, and white
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    This item ships within 4-5 Business days
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    Price:  $3.50  / Pc
    Price:  $3.50  / Pc

    Color: Burgundy

    Minimun Order Quantity: 6

    Product Information
    Product Specifications

    Small and easy to carry after folding, you can take it anywhere to enjoy wine when camping, hiking, or traveling.

    , Perfect for servers, bartenders, and daily needs at home

    case pack: 1 Pc
    case weight: 4 Oz
    color: Black, Burgundy, and white
    handle: Curved handle
    product dimensions: 5-3/8" Long

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